Spring 2015 Update


Gowans’ Rhapsody Makers, 1927.  A letter from the  session’s drummer, Fred Moynahan, is a feature in the latest issue. 

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Welcome to the latest update of VJM's website! Trevor Benwell started VJM in the autumn of 1953, which makes us the oldest continually-published jazz and blues magazine in the world!

STOP PRESS!  VJM gets a mention in the New York Times! This excellent article on women blues singers Geeshie Wiley and Evie Thomas can be found here: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2014/04/13/magazine/blues.html?_r=1

Nan Blakstone is best remembered as a singer of risqué songs in the Golden Age of the genre, but she also made jazzworthy recordings in London with a young Nat Gonella fetured on trumpet. Barry McCanna tells her story in this issue.

We've great articles and a fantastic selection of Jazz and Blues 78s and vinyl on offer from some of the best-known dealers and collectors around! Our proven track record of problem-free transactions forged over 60 years, together with amazingly cheap advertising rates (no shareholders to pay dividends to here!) means we regularly offer the finest selection of records to be found anywhere - and this issue is no exception.

You'll find a great selection of records for auction on the website but remember - there are many more records in the 'hard copy' of the magazine that you will not find on our website -  you will only see them by subscribing to the magazine! What gems are you missing out on by not subscribing? It costs less than you think!

We've all the usual features, including our now-legendary CD and Book reviews, our 'Discographical Ramblings' page and other articles not available here - you really don't know what you're missing if you don't subscribe! 

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