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Postage and packing in purpose-built new boxes extra. Winners only notified.

Condition, as ever, guaranteed. Minimum bid unless stated £5/$8. I reserve the right to refuse unrealistic bids.


It’s quite simple -  there are two ways of bidding; first is the simple Straight Bid - you offer a fixed amount for an item and if yours is the highest bid, you win that item for your bid price. 

Secondly, and easier for those more familiar with online auction sites, and for those collectors unsure of what to offer, is the Maximum Bid. You offer a bid to a maximum amount, which will be increased in 10% increments over the nearest bid up to your maximum amount. For example, you bid to a maximum of $100 on an item, but the next highest bid is $20 - you will pay $22, i.e. 10% over the the next highest bid. In the event of a tie the fixed bidder, or earliest-placed bid wins. Please send bids to

IMPORTANT! Please make clear the system of bidding you are using and currency you are bidding in (Pounds Sterling, Euros or US Dollars) 

If you have a maximum budget to spend, please advise with your bids.

Please also double check your item numbers when bidding - I do not use titles on my auction spreadsheet, so if you bid on the wrong number and win it, it’s yours!

Payment by all major Credit Cards* as well as £ and US$ personal checks and Paypal. (* via Paypal website)

NOTE:  Some of the categorisation of certain instrumental-based artists, such as jug bands has been, by necessity, arbitrary so please check both the Jazz and Blues sections.



SUGGESTED MINIMUM BIDS. I’m often asked "How much should I bid on so-and-so?” Well, the straight answer is bid what it’s worth to you. However it is useful for newer collectors to have an idea of what some of the rarer items may realistically fetch, so I am showing against some such items a Suggested Minimum Bid (SMB) in British Pounds. 

Feel free to disregard these figures  but they are based on 40+ years of selling 78s, and in many cases are considerably less than what they may actually achieve. Bids over these amounts are more likely to be ultimately successful.

SB=Sunburst (Decca). DJ=Disc Jockey or Sample Copy. TT=Truetone label OKeh. MB = Minimum Bid.

We continue with more Jazz, Blues and Hot Dance records from the collection of jazz clarinettist and record dealer Johnny Hobbs, plus Master Test Pressings, many of which were unissued on 78 (and some never reissued!). Unless stated they are vinyl (rather than the less durable modern polystyrene pressings), and several are super-high quality shellac pressed in the late 1930s and early 1940s for George Avakian for consideration for reissue on Columbia, Parlophone etc.


001 BEA BOOZE. See See Rider (-B)/ Catch As Catch Can. Dec 8633 E+

002 BIG BILL BROONZY. The Mill Man Bl/ It’s Your Time Now.  Voc 04280 E/V++

003 ADA BROWN. Crazy ‘Bout My Lollypop/ Down Home Dance. OK 8694 E+ Rare and fabulous sides! SMB £100

004 CHARLES BROWN  & HIS BAND. My Baby’s Gone/ I Wonder When My Baby’s Coming Home. Aladdin 3051 E

005 RUSTY BRYANT  & CAROLYN CLUB BAND. The Honeydripper/Moonlight Garden Stomp. Dot 15420 E+ Uncommon!

006 BUTTERBEANS & SUSIE. Not Today, Sweet Mama/ U Know Why Your Mama Has The Blues. (TT) OK 8335 V+

007 CANNON’S JUG STOMPERS. Viola Lee Blues. 1/s styrene Victor Master Test Pressing of Vic mx 47066-2 N- Unissued on 78! SMB £75

008 LEROY CARR - SCRAPPER BLACKWELL. How Long Blues Part 2. 1/s Shellac Decca Test Pressing of Voc mx 2688-A EE+ SMB £30

009           Stormy Night Blues. 1/s styrene Master Master Test Pressing of Voc mx 15603-2 N- Unissued on 78! SMB £50

010           Church House Blues. 1/s styrene Master Master Test Pressing of Voc mx 16444-1 N- Unissued on 78! SMB £50

011           Church House Blues. 1/s styrene Master Master Test Pressing of Voc mx 16444-2 N- Unissued on 78! SMB £50

012 DUSKY DAILEY & HIS BAND. Miss Georgia Blues/Revenge Blues. Voc 04963 E press creases nap

013 WILLIE DIXON. Walking The Blues/ If You’re Mine. Checker 822 EE- plays E

014 PERLINE ELLISON. New That Ain’t Right/Razor Totin’ Mama/ Dec 7910 E/E-

015 FISK UNIVERSITY JUBILEE SINGERS. Most Done Travelling/ Oh! Reign Massa Jesus Reign. Col A2901 E-

016 REV. J.M. GATES. White Horse & His Rider/ Hell Bound Express Train. (Big Red) OK 8532 EE+/E-

017 JAZZ GILLUM. Woke Up Cold In Hand/ Goona Leave U on Outskirts of Town. BB B9042 V++ creases plays OK

018 LILLIAN GLINN. Atlanta Blues/All The Week Blues. Col 14421 EE- plays E. N.O. 1928, great white jazz band accomp! SMB £40

019 KITTY GRAY & HER WAMPUS CATS. Baton Rouge Rag. 1/s Vinyl Master Master Test Pressing of Voc mx SA2846-1 E+ Fabulous Guitar sides with Oscar Woods, Unissued on 78! SMB £50

020 PEPPERMINT HARRIS. How Long Must I Suffer/ I’m Telling You People. Sittin’ In 587 E+

021 WYNONIE HARRIS. My Baby’s Barrel House/Drinkin’ By Myself. Bullet 252 E+ Orig Sleeve

022 LUCILLE HEGAMIN & HER BLUE FLAME SYNCOPATORS. Wang Wang Blues/I Like U Becasue U Have Lovin Ways. Bell P68 E-

023           He May Be Your Man/Papa Papa. Cam 287 E

024 JIM JACKSON. I’m Gonna Move To Louisiana Pt 1.  1/s Victor Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Vic 45434-1 N- Unissued on 78! SMB £50

025           I’m Gonna Move To Louisiana Pt 2.  1/s Victor Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Vic 45434-1 N- Unissued on 78! SMB £50

026 FRANKIE ‘HALF PINT’ JAXON & HIS HOT SHOTS. My Baby’s Hot. 1/s styrene Master Test Pressing of  Voc mx C606-2 N- Unissued on 78! Fabulous black Chicago big band - Preston Jackson, Guy Kelly, George Mitchell etc! SMB £40

027           & THE HARLEM HAMFATS. You Certainly Look Good To Me/ She Sends Me. (SB) Dec 7345 EE-

028  FRANKIE ‘HALF PINT’ JAXON (Red Allen, Lil Armstrong etc). Turn Over/You Can’t Tell. Dec 7806 E sol

029 CHARLEY LINCOLN. Jealous Hearted Blues/ My Wife Drove Me From My Door. Col 14305-D E+ Superb condition West Coast Pressing (G-1 stampers) of Guitar Blues Rarity by brother of Barbecue Bob. SMB £500

030 SARA MARTIN w/ CLARENCE WILLIAMS & HIS ORCH. Death Sting Me Blues/ Mistreating Man Blues Pm 12841 E Memorable King Oliver tpt! SB £200

031 TOMMY McLENNAN. Whiskey Head Woman/ Bottle It Up and Go. BB B8373 E

032 VIOLA McCOY. Bama Bound Blues/ Tain’t No Tellin... Voc 14653 E+

033 JEWELL NELSON. Jet Black Snake Blues/ Beating Me Blues. Col 143890-D E+ Superb copy of Dallas 1928 sides acc. Leroy Williams tpt! SMB £150

034 PIANO RED. Baby What’s Wrong/ Layin’ The Boogie. RCA Vic 22-0130 E- plays E

035 EVELYN PREER. Sadie Green/ No One But You. Ban 1879 V+ ef s1, 0 gvs

036 BESSIE SMITH & HER BAND. Muddy Water/ After You’ve Gone. Col 14197-D EE+ Lovely copy of Classic sides! SMB £50

037           Washwoman’s Blues/ Please Help Me Get Him Off My Mind. Col 14375-D E- West Coast Pressing

038           You Ought To Be Ashamed/ Poor Man’s Blues. Col 14399-D E- feint int spider lam s2 nap

039 VICTORIA SPIVEY & CLARENCE WILLIAMS BLUE 5. (King Oliver tpt!). Organ Grinder Blues. 1/s styrene Master Test Pressing of OK mx 40115-C N- SMB £40

040 TAMPA RED’S HOKUM JUG BAND. You Rascal You/ She Can Love So Good. Voc 1540 E sol SMB £50

041 JOE TURNER + CHOKER CAMPBELL’S ORCH. Trouble In Mind/I Need A Girl. Atlantic 1155 E+ Orig Sleeve

042 PEETIE WHEATSTRAW. Love Bug Blues/Rolling Chair. Dec 7676  E sm scr s2 lt tix

043 GEORGIA WHITE. Was I Drunk? (Classic!!)/ No Second Hand Woman. (SB) Dec 7216 E

044 JOE WILLIAMS & HIS 9 STRING GUITAR. Delta Blues/ Mama Don’t Allow Me. Trumpet 151 EE+ Mississippi Delta Guitar Blues!

045 SONNY BOY WILLIAMS. Worried Life Blues/Shake It But Don’t Break It. Dec 7888 EE+

046 SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON. Red Hot Kisses/Going In Your Direction. Trumpet 216 E+

047 EDITH WILSON & JOHNNY DUNN’S JAZZ HOUNDS. Dixie Blues/ He Used To Be Your Man. Col A3787 EE-

048 JIMMY WITHERSPOON. Skid Row Blues/ How Long. Supreme 1545 E+

049 THE YAS YAS GIRL. Fine and Mellow/ Nobody Knows How I Feel. Voc 05105 EE+



050 AMBROSE & HIS ORCH. Sugar Is Back In Town. 1/s Vinyl Decca Master Test Pressing of mx MB205-5 N- Unissued Take!

051           Ambrose’s Tiger Rag. 1/s Vinyl Decca Master Test Pressing of mx  GB7128-2 E+

052           Twilight In Turkey. 1/s Vinyl Decca Master Test Pressing of mx TB3140-1 E+

053           Caravan. 1/s Vinyl Decca Master Test Pressing of mx TB3139-1 N-

054           When You Climb Those Golden Stairs/The Beat O’ My Heart. BrE 01788 E 2 Hot sides!

055 BILLY ARNOLD’S NOVELTY BAND. Stop It/ Left All Alone Again Blues. CoE 3015 E- Important London 1920 sides by US jazz band! SMB £30

056 THE BLUE LYRES. You Rascal You/ Three Little Times. Zon 6092 EE+ Hot side1

057           Just A Blue Eyed Blonde/ Many Happy Returns of the Day. DeE F2607 EE- Fine solos s1

058 CAROLINA CLUB ORCHESTRA. Tessie Stop Teasing Me/Charleston Cabin. CoE 3448 EE- Rare 1924 sides by Hal Kemp’s College band in London!

059 EDDIE CARROLL & HIS SWINGOPHONIC ORCH. Creole Love Call/ Dinner & Dance. PaE R2522 E+ Uncommon!

060 BILLY COTTON & HIS BAND. I’m Crazy ‘Bout My Baby/ Let’s Get Friendly. CoE CB292 E- small ulc s1 nap. Hot and rare sides featuring Nat Gonella tpt!

061 FRED ELIZALDE & HIS MUSIC. Clarinet Marmalade/Stomp Your Feet. BrE 120 E- Rare 1927 sides featuring Jack Jackson tpt! SMB £40

062           Tweet Tweet/ Once In A Blue Moon. BrE EE- Session mate to above with Jackson and Joe Crossman solos!

063           (Piano solos). She’s A Great Great Girl/ Grown Up Baby. BrE 209 EE+

064           Yes, We Have No Bananas. 1/s Vinyl Decca Master Test Pressing of mx GB4572-3 E, light swish. Unissued on 78! SMB £35

065 KAI EWANS ORCH w/ BENNY CARTER. Memphis Blues/ Bugle Call /Rag. HMV X4698 E+ Fine and rare Copenhagen 1936 sides! SMB £30

066 LEN FILLIS’ ENTERTAINERS. What A Wonderful Wedding That Will Be/Just Night For Meditation. CoE 5328 EE- Fine and uncommon 1928 sides with hot violin, booting bass sax and guitar solos!

067 BERT FIRMAN’S QUINTUPLETS OF SWING. Swingitis/ Swing As It Comes. PaE R2436 E+ Fine 1937 sides with Freddy Gardner!

068 FIVE BRIGHT SPARKS. Ida Sweet as Apple Cider/ I Never Knew. CoE FB1517 E+ Freddy Gardner solos

069 TEDDY FOSTER & HIS KINGS OF SWING. The Rhythm’s OK in Harlem/ Take Another Guess. HMV BD5209 E- More Freddy Gardner!

070 FREDDY GARDNER SWING ORCH. 10 A.M. Blues/ Someday Sweetheart. Rex 9935 E

071 GEORGE GLOVER & HIS BAND. Swingy Little Thingy/ Headin’ For A Wedding. Sterno 1300 E- lt scfs. Fine hot 1933 sides

072 STEPHANE GRAPPELLY & HIS HOT FOUR (Django). Clouds/ Believe It Beloved. DeE F6406 E+ Paris 1935

073 FRANK HERBIN (Piano solos). Nickel In The Slot/Dizzy Fingers. HMV B1770 E+ American pianist in London, 1924.

074 ART HICKMAN’S NEW YORK LONDON FIVE. When My Baby Smiles At Me/Jicky. HMV B1200 EE+ My old copy of these fine 1920 sides by American jazz band in London.

075 SPIKE HUGHES & HIS DANCE ORCH. My Man Is On The Make/ A Ship Without A Sail. DeE F1748 E+ Great 1930 Anglo-American sides with Jack Jackson, Bobby Davis, Max Farley etc!

076           That’s Where The South Begins/ Funny Dear What Luv Can Do. DeE F1906 E+ Norman Payne tpt!

077 LESLIE HUTCHINSON (Piano solos). Do-Do-Do/ Someone To Watch Over Me. BrE 125 E lt scrs s1 nap. Superb Harlem Piano solos in London 1927 - and he doesn’t sing!

078 JACK HYLTON & HIS ORCH. Digga Digga Doo/ Deep Night. HMV B5638 E+ Hot Berlin 1929 side 1 with Jack Jackson, Leo Vauchant solos!

079 FREDDY JOHNSON & HIS HARLEMITES. Harlem Bound/ Sweet Madness. DeE F3810 E+ Paris 1933, Arthur Briggs tpt

080 KIT-CAT BAND. Riverboat Shuffle/ It’s One Of Those Things. HMV B2167 E+ Gorgeous copy of this fine and rare 1925 electric side! SMB £25

081           If You Hadn’t Gone Away/ n.i. HMV B2197 Excellent solos, 1925! SMB £20

082 JAMES KOK JAZZ ORCHESTRA. Jungle Jazz/ Tiger Rag. DeE F5737 E- Berlin 1935

083 THE KRAKAJAX. Limehouse Blues/ If Harlem Came To Mayfair. PaE R378 E+ Uncommon!

084 BRIAN LAWRANCE & HIS QUARTET. Somebody Stole My Gal. 1/s Vinyl Decca Master Test Pressing of mx GB7045-2 N-

085 JACK LEON’S DANCE BAND. Don’t You See/ All Alone Monday. Piccadilly 619 EE-/E Fine tpt solo s1, uncommon!

086 PERCIVAL MACKEY’S BAND. Alone In The Home/I’m Sailing Off To China. CoE 4276 E- Rare 1926 sides with huge sound and Ted Heath solo s1

087 NEW MAYFAIR DANCE ORCH. Every Day Away From You/n.i. HMV B5800 EE- sticker residue lbl s1. Fabulous Norman Payne Bixian trumpet! SMB £30

088 SYDNEY LIPTON & HIS ORCH. Harlem. 1/s Vinyl Decca Master Test Pressing of mx T2761-1 E+

089 MARLBOROUGH DANCE ORCH (Stan Greening). Alabamy Bound/ Shanghai. PaE E5355 EE- lt scfs. Arthur Lally bass sax solo

090 GERRY MOORE & HIS CHICAGO BRETHREN. Honeysuckle Rose/ Lady Be Good. DeE F6347 E

091 ORIGINAL DIXIELAND JAZZ BAND. Sphinx/  Alice Blue Gown. 12” CoE 824 EE- Fine copy of rare London 1920 sides! SMB £75

092 (SID PHILLIPS) MELODIANS-ORCHESTRA. Hallelujah/ Sometimes I’m Happy. (Vert) 12” Fr Pathe 6994 E Rare and hot Paris 1927 sides!

093 SID PHILLIPS & HIS ORCH. Palais De Danse. 1/s Vinyl Decca Master Test Pressing of mx OCB370-1 N- Only issued in US (and rare there).

094 PICCADILLY PLAYERS. Ammoniated Tincture of Quinine/ The Pink Plant Pot. CoE 4961 E+ Depsite the titles, these are hot, with Ahola tpt!

095 QUINTET OF THE HOT CLUB OF FRANCE (Django). Swing From Paris/ Them There Eyes. DeE F6899 E+

096           Appel Direct/Three Little Words. DeE F6875 E+

097           Limehouse Blues/ I Can’t Give YABL. HMV B8463 E

098 RAMBLERS DANCE ORCH. Vladivostock/ Decca Stomp. DeE F3588 E+ Fine and hot London 1933 sides by celebrated Dutch band! SMB £30

099 DJANGO REINHARDT. Improvisation/ Parfum. HMV B8587 EE+

100           Improvisation/ DJANGO REINHARDT & STEPHANE GRAPPELLY.  I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm. DeE 6935 E+/EE+ sol s2

101           Deccaphone/ Le Soir. DeE F10219 E Uncommon!

102 DJANGO REINHARDT & STEPHANE GRAPPELLY. Louise/ Please Be Kind. DeE F6228 E+ Uncommon!

103 THE RHYTHMIC EIGHT. She’s A Great Great Girl/ The Rag Doll. Zon 5217 EE+ Fine side 1, Ahola solo!

104           My Troubles Are Over/ You Just You. Zon 5409 VV+ Great tune side 1, excellent hot sides, Ahola, Lally solos!

105 THE RHYTHM MANIACS. I Haven’t Heard A Single Word From Baby. 1/s Vinyl Decca Master Test Pressing of mx GD2403-2 Hot solos!

106 ARTHUR ROSEBERY & HIS BAND. This Is Heaven/Ain’t Misbehavin. Sterno 235 E- 2 hot sides!

107 THE SAVANNAH PLAYERS (Arthur Lally O). Tiddle Iddle Um Pum. 1/s Vinyl Decca Master Test Pressing of mx GB2269-1 E press stain, light swish. Hot solos + Jack Jackson scat vocal!

108           Sitting on A Haystack. 1/s Vinyl Decca Master Test Pressing of mx GB2268-2 E press stain, light swish. Hot solos!

109 GEORGE SHEARING. Stomp In F/ How Come U Do Me... DeE F7102 E+ sol s2

110 NOBLE SISSLE & HIS ORCHESTRA. Kansas City Kitty/ I’m Croonin’ A Tune About June. HMV B5731 EE+ Laminated Pressing of one of the hottest records made in Britain in the 1920s! SMB £75

111 NOBLE SISSLE & EUBIE BLAKE. I Wonder Where My Sweetie Can Be/ One Lane That Has No Turning. EBW 4371 E- Romping piano solo s1

112 EDDIE SOUTH & DJANGO REINHARDT. Eddie’s Blues/ Sweet Georgia Brown. HMV B8778 E+

113 RAY STARITA & HIS AMBASSADORS. Rhapsody In Rhythm/ That’s What I Call Keen. CoE 5088 E+ 2 hot sides, Sylvester Ahola tpt!

114 STIKLEN’S ORCHESTRA. Suzett’ Blues/ Ce Sont Des Choses. Salabert 545 EE+ Paris 1925, hot s1!

115 LEW STONE & HIS BAND. Shades of Hades. 1/s Vinyl Decca Master Test Pressing of mx TB2604-1 EE+ lt swish at start

116 SWING RHYTHM BOYS. Maybe. 1/s Vinyl Crown Master Test Pressing of mx H601 E+ Fine side, Jack Whiting vocal

117 JOE TURNER (Piano solos). The Ladder/ Lonci. Swing SW71 E- 8gv dig s1, tix



118 MIKE BERNARD (Piano solos). Tantalizing Tingles/ Emeralds & Heather Medley. ReE G6837 E Beautiful copy of this 1913 rag piano classic!

119 BERT BASSETT (Banjo solos). Razzle Dazzle/ Marche Grotesque.  Ariel 2006 VV+ few scrs. Dazzling playing indeed!!

120 H.M. COLDSTREAM GUARDS. Coon Band Contest. 1/s G&T GC2-131 E 1/4 hc, tight and inaud. Rare and fine 1905 version.

121 MELVILLE GIDEON. Ragtime Improvisation on Rubinstein’s Melody In F/ n.i . HMV B389 E Rare London 1912 side by American pianist/composer.

122 ARCHIBALD JOYCE’S ORCHESTRA. Powder Rag/ On The Mississippi. (Vertical) Marathon 353 E- lbl dam s1.  Amazingly rare and fine London 1913 sides! SMB £25

123 LONDON ORCHESTRA. It’s The Pretty Things You Say/ Oh You Little Bear. Cinch 5069 V+ Sprightly London 1913 sides!

124 LOUISIANA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA. Temptation Rag/ Teddy Bears’ Picnic. EBW 2030 E Uncommon

125 THE MANHATTAN JAZZ BAND. The Big Jazz Band/Everybody’s Jazzing Now. Zon 1912 E- Crazy 1919 ‘Jazz’ performances!

126 THE METROPOLITAN BAND (Victor Mil Bd). On The Mississippi/ Row Row Row. HMV B193 E

127 OLLY OAKLEY’S SYNCOPATED FIVE. By The Camp Fire/ Sand Dunes. EBW 3384 E- London 1919

128 THE PEERLESS ORCHESTRA. Hors d’Oeuvres/ Beets & Turnips. Zon 1485 EE- Fine London 1915 rags

129 JOHN PIDOUX (Banjo solos). Black Pearl/ Dinah’s Wedding March. Cinch 5342 EE+ Stunning playing on this super condition 1914 78!

130 MURRAY PILCER’S JAZZ BAND. That Moaning Trombone/ I’m All Bound Round Mason-Dixon Line. EBW 3292 V+ Rare alternate takes of the first British ‘Jazz’ record led by pioneer American drummer Murray Pilcer.

131 PLANTATION TRIO. St. Louis Tickle/  FRED VAN EPS. A Gay Gossoon. Vic 16092 E- Fine 1919 remakes by Fred Van Eps of early Vess Ossman hits - rarer than the originals!

132 PRINCE’S BAND. Chicago Tickle/ n.i. Re E G6845 V+ Great 1913 ragtime!

133 ROYAL COURT ORCH. Red Pepper Rag/ Grizzly Bear Rag. EBW 2136 EE- London 1912

134 ROYAL MILITARY BAND. I’m Going Back To Dixie/ Hitchy Koo. Colis 305 EE-

135 SAVOY QUARTET. A Good Man Is Hard To Fine/ Mammy O’ Mine. HMV B1061 E- Fine London 1919 Anglo-American sides with black drummer!

136           Hindustan/ How Ya Gonna Keep ‘Em Down On the Farm. HMV B1060 E Ditto

137 SOUSA’S BAND. At A Georgia Camp Meeting/ 1/s G&T VM419 VV+ Early US ‘Import’

138 HARRY THOMAS (Piano Solos). Delirious Rag/ A Classical Spasm. Vic 18229 E Fine 1916 Ragtime piano!

139 THE VERSATILE THREE. You Know What I Mean/ Oh What A Pal Was Mary. EBW 3399 V++ sol Black Americans in London

140           The Love Nest/ Whispering. EBW 3504 E- Ditto!

141 VICTOR MILITARY BAND. Slippery Place Rag/ Alexander’s Ragtime Band. Vic 17006 V+ Fine 1911 sides

142 WINNER RAGTIME BAND. Waiting For The Robert E. Lee/ Hitchy Koo. EBW 2249 V+



143 HENRY ALLEN N.Y. ORCH. It Should Be You/Pleasing Paul. BB B10253 E+ Essential 1929 sides, masters!

144 THE AMBASSADORS. Oh Peter - Some Of These Days/ June Night - Ida. 12” VoE K05137 E+ Orig Sleeve. Very rare & hot 1924 ‘extended play’ 78! SMB £40

145 LOUIS ARMSTRONG & HIS ORCH. That’s My Home/ I Wonder Who. (Buff) BB B6644 EE+

146           Basin Street Blues/Some Sweet Day. (Fr) HMV K8152 E+ Lovely laminated pressing

147           Sittin’ In The Dark/ I’ve Got World On A String. (Fr) HMV K6351 E+ Lovely laminated pressing

148 BEN BERNIE & HIS ORCH. Liza Lee/ Tomorrow Is Another Day. BrE 1022 EE+ Hot and uncommon s1!

149 RUBE BLOOM & HIS BAYOU BOYS. On Revival Day/ There’s A Wah Wah Girl in Agua Caliente. Col 2218-D EE+ sm lbl dam s1

150 BLUE RHYTHM BAND. Harlem After Midnight/ JOE HAYMES ORCH. Christopher Columbus. (Swing) VoE S6 E 1st issue s1!

151 BOOTS & HIS BUDDIES. How Long/ Anytime. (Buff) BB B6132 V+

152 BROADWAY BROADCASTERS (Sam Lanin O). High Fever/ Barcelona. Cam 996 EE- Fine hot version s1!

153 LES BROWN & DUKE UNIV BLUE DEVILS. Mutiny On The Bandstand/ When U Wore A Tulip. (Swing) Vo|E S211 E+ Uncommon!

154 BLANCHE CALLOWAY & HER BAND. Line-A-Jive/ You Ain’t Livin’ Right. (Fr) Br A86054 E+ Great sides and fine rare pressing! SMB £30

155 JOE CANDULLO EVERGLADES ORCH. Crazy Quilt/ Turkish Towel. Per 14668 E- lt scfs plays E. 2 hot sides

156 WINGY CARPENTER & HIS WINGIES. Put Me Back In The Alley/ Look Out Papa Don’t U Bend Down. Dec 7698 E+

157 CHICAGO FOOTWARMERS (Dodds). Brush Stomp/ RED NORVO SWING SEPTET. George Avakian Shellac Columbia Master Test Pressing of mxs 400978-A/16022-A E+ Superb sound! SMB £50

158 BUDDY CLARK & HIS ORCH. I Walk With Music/ This Is The Beginning of the End. Vars 8233 E+ Star studded sides, Bud Freeman, Gowans, Pee Wee Russell etc!

159 COON-SANDERS ORCHESTRA. Darktown Strutters’ Ball/ After You’ve Gone. Vic 22342 E+ 2 fine sides

160 AL COOPER & HIS SAVOY SULTANS. Rhythm Doctor Man/ Jump Steady. (Swing) VoE S204 EE+

161 THE COTTON PICKERS. I Never Miss The Sunshine/ Snake’s Hips. Br 2418 E

162           Duck’s Quack (-52)/ My Sweetie Went Away. Br 2461 E 2 lt nr s2, lt tix. Rare take of side 1!

163 BABY DODDS’ JAZZ FOUR. Careless Love/Winin’ Boy Blues. BN 518 E

164 JOHNNY DODDS’ BLACK BOTTOM STOMPERS. Come On & Stomp Stomp Stomp/ After U’ve Gone. Br 3568 E Jazz Classics!

165           HOT SIX. Heah Me Talkin’/ My Little Isabel. BB B10241  E+

166 JIMMY DORSEY (Sax solo). Beebe. 1/s vinyl Master Test Pressing of Br mx 12071-B E dull metal, plays E, press bump thumps 12 turns. Unissued Take!

167 DUKE ELLINGTON O (as TEN BLACK BERRIES). Tiger Rag/ St. Louis Blues. Or 2089 V+ numerous tiny rc, 0 gvs

168           ORCH. Ebony Rhapsody/ Cocktails For Two. (Fr) HMV K7358 E+ Superb laminated pressing!

169 SEGER ELLIS (Venuti/Lang/Dorsey!). If I Can’t Have You/ ALMA HENDERSON (Sanella/Bloom). Now I Won’t Be Blue. PaE R165 E+

170 TROY FLOYD & HIS PLAZA HOTEL ORCH. Wabash Blues. 1/s vinyl Master Test Pressing of OK mx 400509-B N- Unissued on 78! SMB £50

171 FRIARS SOCIETY ORCH. Eccentric/ HUSK O’ HARE’S SUPER ORCH.  San. Gnt 5009 EE+ lt nr s1 inaud. Lovely copy!

172 EARL FULLER’S FAMOUS JAZZ BAND. Jazz De Luxe/ ALL STAR 3. Sensation. Ed 50541 E-

173 LOUIS KING GARCIA ORCH. Swing Mr. Charlie/ Christopher Columbus. MW M4891 E needs wash

174 JACK GARDNER’S ORCH. Blackin Blues/ Too Late Now. OK 40265 V+ Fine and rare 1925 Territory Jazz sides!

175 GEORGIA STRUTTERS. Original Black Bottom Dance/Wasn’t It Nice. Har 311H E- stress  marks nap. Fine sides by Jimmy Wade band!

176 NATHAN GLANTZ ORCH. San/ BILLY JAMES O. Come To Papa. Or 256 E-

177 THE GOOFUS FIVE. Sweet Man/ Them Ramblin’ Blues. (Red) PaE E5538 E-

178 GOLDEN GATE ORCH. Tessie Stop Teasing Me/ Look-A What I Got Now. Tri 11421 E- hot, rare issue!

179           Everything Is Hotsy Totsy Now (-C)/ The Flapper Wife (-A) Ed 51551 EE+ Lovely copy!

180 JEAN GOLDKETTE ORCH. I’m Looking Over 4 Leaf Clover/ ROGER WOLFE KAHN O. Yankee Rose. Vic 20446 E-

181 VERA GUILAROFF (Piano solos). Maple Leaf Rag/ Money Blues. Per 11251 EE- Fine sides!

182 EDGAR HAYES ORCH. Barbary Coast Blues/ Meet The Band. Dec 1940 E+

183 FLETCHER HENDERSON O (as SEVEN BROWN BABIES). Charleston Crazy/ Dicty Blues. Ajax 17011 V+ Rare! SMB £40

184           (DIXIE STOMPERS). Dynamite/ UNIVERSITY 6. Ace In The Hole. Har 209H V+

185           Oh Baby/ Feelin’ Good. VT 1636V EE- Classic Hawk!

186           (CONNIE’S INN O). Roll On Mississippi Roll On/ Moan You Moaners. Vic 22698 E+ Superb copy!

187           My Sweet Tooth Says I Wanna/ Oh It Looks Like Rain. Vic 22786 E- scfs

188 J.C. HIGGINBOTHAM 5. Weary Land Blues/ FRANK NEWTON 5. Daybreak Blues. BN 501 EE+

189 ALEX HILL HOLLYWOOD SEPIANS. Ain’t It Nice/ Functionizin’ (Gold) Voc 2826 V++

190 EARL HINES & HIS ORCHESTRA. Good Little Bad Little You. 1/s Victor Vinyl Master Test Pressing of mx 48885-2 N- Unissued on 78! SMB £40

191 CLIFF JACKSON’S KRAZY KATS (as Marvin Smolev O). The Terror (-A)/ n.i. Goodson 225 E needs weight. Super rare UK issue of this classic side - 2 or 3 copies known! SMB £50

192           Horse Feathers/ LEW GOLD O. Confessin’. Mad 5098 EE- tight inaud 1.5” int hc, nap.

193 FRANKIE HALF PINT JAXON HOT SHOTS. Fifteen Cents/ Mama Don’t Allow It. BrE 01719 E+

194 JOHNNIE’S JAZZ BOYS (Clarence Williams 1st session, 1921). Roumania/ BROWN & TERRY’S JAZZOLA BOYS. Jump Steady Bl. OK 8021 EE+/V+

195 LONNIE JOHNSON & BLIND WILLIE DUNN (Guitar Duets). Midnight Call/ Blue Room Blues. OK 8818 E+ Stunning copy from A Stampers! SMB £150

196 ISHAM JONES ORCH. Henpecked Blues/ Oh Harold. Br 2479 E

197 ROGER WOLFE KAHN ORCH. Crazy Rhythm/ Imagination. Vic 21368 EE+ Classic Miff Mole solo s1!

198           Just The Same/ NAT SHILKRET O. 50,000,000 Frenchmen. Vic 20634 E+ Great Venuti-Lang/ McConville/Mole/Brilhardt solos s1!

199 KANSAS CITY FIVE (Basie). Love Me Or Leave Me. 1/s vinyl Master Test Pressing of Com mx 22583-1 E+ Unissued on 78! SMB £40

200 IRVING KAUFMAN (fine jazz acc - T. Dorsey, Lang etc). Broadway Melody/ You Were Meant For Me. Ariel 4417 E+

201 TEMPO KING & HIS KINGS OF TEMPO. Papa Tree Top Tall/ I’ll Sing U 1000 Love Songs. (Buff) BB B6535 E

202           I Would Do /Anything For U/ William Tell. (Buff) BB B6534 E

203 SAM LANIN & HIS ORCH. Spanish Shawl/ SOUTHERN HARMONISTS. That Certain Party. Per 14538 EE- hot solos

204 HARLAN LEONARD & HIS ROCKETS. 400 Swing/ My Pop Gave Me A Nickel. BB B10823 E-

205 TED LEWIS & HIS BAND. Hello Montreal/ n.i. Col 1346-D E lt inaud scfs nap

206           A Good Man Is Hard To Find/ I Ain’t Got Nobody. Col 1428-D E

207           Harmonica Harry/ You’ve Got That Thing (Silver) Col 2088-D E sol s1

208           Headin’ For Better Times/ New Farewell Blues (Blue Wax) Col 2721-D E lt scfs nap

209           Buy American/ Try A Little Tenderness. (Blue Wax) Col 2748-D E+ Rare!

210 LIGHT CRUST DOUGHBOYS. Tom Cat Rag/ Clarinet Marmalade. Voc 05473 E+

211 JACK LINX & HIS BIRMINGHAM SOC. SERENADERS. Pardon The Glove/ TED WALLACE ORCH. Buffalo Rhythm. OK 41014 E+ Superb West Coast pressing, G1 stampers! SMB £60

212 LOUISIANA FIVE. Laughing Blues (-1)/ A Good Man Is Hard To Find (-2) 9” Em 9158 VV+

213 THE LUMBERJACKS (Jack Pettis group). Spanish Dream/ MISS. MUSIC MAKERS. If U Want Rainbow. Cam 8356 E- sm patch lt scrs s1, lt tix

214 ABE LYMAN CALIFORNIA O. Ukulele Baby/ If You Knew Susie. Br 2903 EE+ hot solos both - Ray Lopez cnt!

215 AL LYNN’S MUSIC MASTERS. Hoosier Sweetheart (-B)/ Sometimes I’m Happy (-A). Ed 52041 EE+ Fine sides!

216 FATTY MARTIN’S ORCHESTRA. End O’ Main. 1/s styrene Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 32111-2 N- Unissued Take! SMB £50

217           Jimtown Blues. 1/s styrene Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 32111-2 N- Unissued Take! SMB £50

The above are great 1925 Dallas sides and are alternate takes to the issued Victor.

218 McKINNEY’S COTTON PICKERS. You’re Driving Me Crazy. 1/s vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 64056-2 N-

219           Cotton Picker’s Scat/ Just A Shade Corn. Vic 23012 E

220           Plain Dirt/ HENRY ALLEN & HIS N.Y. ORCH. It Should Be You. (Fr) K8524 E+ Superb sounding laminated pressing!

221 McMURRAY’S CALIFORNIA THUMPERS. Haunting Blues/ Just Because You’re You. Gnt 4904 E-

222 MEMPHIS JAZZERS. In Harlem’s Araby/  n.i. Metropole 1258 EE+ Fine copy (plays better than any US issue) of a mysterious side with memorable trumpet, long ascribed to King Oliver!

223 VIC MEYERS & HIS ORCH. Weary Blues/ Beets and Turnips. Br 2664 E- Fine hot West Coast Band

224 EMMETT MILLER & HIS GEORGIA CRACKERS. Lovin’ Sam/ St. Louis Blues. (Race) PaE R2270 E+ Two of his very best sides!

225 RAY MILLER & HIS ORCH. Doodle Doo Doo/n.i. Br 2724 E Fine side, Mole, Trumbauer etc!

226 MILLS BLUE RHYTHM BAND. Out Of A Dream. 11” 1/s Shellac Columbia Master Test Pressing ‘Mr. Avakian’ of mx 16037-A E+ SMB £30

227           Cabin In The Cotton. 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of mx ARC mx TO-1149 E+ Private Recording, Unissued on 78! SMB £30

228 MILLS’ MERRYMAKERS. Here’s That Party Now In Person/ PAUL SPECHT O. My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds. Duophone D4042 E Fine hot side 1, Unissued in USA!

229 MISSOURI JAZZ BAND. Angry/ EDDIE PEABODY BAND. Hello Sandy. Dom 3605 E-

230 SAM  MORGAN’S JAZZ BAND. Over In The Glory Land/ Sing On. Col 14539-D E+ N.O. Jazz Classics! SMB £100

231           Everybody’s Talking About Sammy/ Sing On. Col 14213-D VV+ scrs plays better than it looks. Hard to find in any shape!! SMB £50

232 JELLY ROLL MORTON’S TRIO. Wolverine Blues/ Mr/ Jelly Lord. (Swiss) HMV JK 2233 E Lovely master pressing

233 BENNIE MOTEN’S K.C. ORCH. Band Box Shuffle. 1/s vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 57303-1R E+

234           Just Say It’s Me/ When Life Seems So Blue. Vic V38132 V+ lbl dam s2

235           New Orleans/ Lafayette. Vic 24216 E-

236 NEW ORLEANS JAZZ BAND. Some Of These Days/ LOU GOLD’S ORCH. Everything Is Hotsy Totsy Now. Re 9839 E- Two hot ones!

237 NEW ORLEANS OWLS. Stomp Off Let’s Go/ Oh Me! Oh My. Col 489-D E+ A Stampers. Superb copy of N.O. Jazz Classics! SMB £60

238           The Owl’s Hoot/ WARNER’S SEVEN ACES. Breakin’ The Leg. Col 605-D E- lt scrs. Uncommon!

239 RED NICHOLS 5 PENNIES. Twenty-One Years. 1/s Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Br mx 37462-A E+

240 JIMMIE NOONE’S APEX CLUB ORCH. Apex Blues (C3849-A)/ My Daddy Rocks Me. (Fr) Br A500196 E+ Lovely pressing!

241           ORCH. I’m Walkin’ This Town/ Call Me Darling. Dec 1730 E few lt scfs s1 nap

242 KING OLIVER’S JAZZ BAND. Camp Meeting Blues/ London (Cafe) Blues. Col 14003-D E- lt scrs. Fine playing copy! SMB £50

243           DIXIE SYNCOPATORS. West /End Blues/ Tin /Roof Blues. Voc 1189 EE+ Superb copy of rarity! SMB £100

244           Some Day Sweetheart/ WILL OSBORNE O. Limehouse Blues. Pan 25035 EE- Odd coupling!

245           & HIS ORCH. Papa De-Da-Da. 1/s Shellac Br/Dec Master Test Pressing of mx E35910-B E+ Fabulous sound!

246 D. ONIVAS & HIS ORCH. Doodle-Doo-Doo/ STAR SYNCOPATORS. Sahara. (Vert) Fr Pathe 6752 E

247 ORIGINAL DIXIELAND JAZZ BAND. Some Of These Days/ Toddlin’ Blues. OK 4738 E/VV+, some blasting s2

(See also item 091 for one of their rare 1920 London recordings).

248 ORIGINAL INDIANA FIVE. Deep Henderson/ Spanish Mamma. Har 217H  V+

249           Some Of These Days/ GOLDEN GATE ORCH. Just Another Day Wasted Away. Silv 1506 E/E+ 2 hot sides!

250 JACK PETTIS & HIS PETS. Doin’ The New Low Down/ Spanish Dream. Vic 21559 EE+

251 PICCADILLY PLAYERS. U’re Just A Great Big Baby Doll/ Driftwood (n.i.). (Elec) Ed 52327 E- press flaw s2 skips grv. Hot side1!

252 HARRY POLLOCK’S MAURICE CLUB DIAMONDS. What Do I Care What Somebody Said/ n.i. Silv 5049 VV+ hot solos s1

253 THE RED HEADS. Get With/ Get A Load Of This. PActE 11347 E+ Rare and Unissued in USA!

254 RUBEN ‘RIVER’ REEVES & HIS RIVER BOYS. Texas Special Blues/ Blue Sweets. Voc 1411 E+ small tight pot ef s1, 0gvs. Rare! SMB £250

255 LEO REISMAN & HIS ORCH. Happy As The Day Is Long/ n.i. HMV B6378 E Rollini bsx/vb/dms tour de force + Harold Arlen vcl!

256 THE CARSON ROBISON ORCH. Nothin’. 1/s Shellac Parlophone Master Test Pressing of OK mx 403225-B E+ Star-studded hot 1929 side!

257 GENE RODEMICH ORCH. Wolverine Blues/ When June Comes Along. Br 2455 E-

258           Foresaken Blues/ Ray & His Little Chevrolet. Br 2641 EE- hot!

259 GIL RODIN & HIS ORCH (CLARK RANDALL O). Love’s Serenade/ Right About Face. Per 16106 E-

260 ROYAL RHYTHM BOYS. Beat It Out Bumpin’ Boy/ Shanty In Old Shanty Town. Dec 2830 EE-

261 WINGY MANNONE ORCH. Up The Country/ Shake That Thing. Ch 40054 E- plays E Great 1930 sides!

262           You’re Not The Kind/ Just Made Up With That Old Girl... (Buff) BB B6472 E-

263 BEN SELVIN & HIS ORCH. Alabamy Bound/ Oh Mabel. VoE X9577 E+ Super copy!

264           My Man From Caroline/ Still I Love Her. Col 2323-D E- sm nr s1, slt tix. Hot solos + Eva Taylor vcl s1!

265 SHARKEY’S NEW ORLEANS BOYS. Everybody Luvs My Baby/ Yes She Do, No She Don’t. (SB) Dec 1014 E+

266 LEROY SMITH’S DANCE ORCH. Saturday/ Love Will Find A Way. Voc 14218 E Uncommon 1921 sides by ‘The Colored Paul Whiteman’

267 STATE STREET RAMBLERS. Sic ‘Em Tige/ South African Blues. Ch 40070 E lbl fade + sol s2

268 BLUE STEELE & HIS ORCH. Sugar Babe I’m Leavin’/n.i. Vic 20971 E+ Huge sound!

269 SOUTH STREET TRIO (Bobby Leecan, Robert Cooksey etc). Dallas Blues/ Mean Old Bed Bug Blues. Vic 21135 E+/E patch of scrs s2 inaud. Fine copy of these two great String Band sides!

270 REX STEWART & HIS 52ND STREET STOMPERS. You Ain’t In Harlem Now. 1/s oversized Engineer’s Shellac Test Pressing of Variety mx MB551-2 E-  Only known copy of this Unissued take 2 which, when take 1 was issued, was retiteld Sugar Hill Shim Sham (see Ate’s Discographical Ramblings in the issue). SMB £150

271 WILBUR SWEATMAN’S BROWNIES. Battleship Kate (-B)/ GEORGIA MELODIANS. My Mammy’s Blues (-C). Ed 51438 E 2 sm digs s1, lt tix

272 JACK TEAGARDEN & HIS ORCHESTRA. That’s What I Like About You/ You Rascal You. Col 2558-D E+ Fats, Rollini, Bose! SMB £40

273 THE TEMPO KINGS. Rhythm Of The Day/ Flamin’ Mamie. Per 14566 EE- Very fine hot sides with proto-Boppish baritone sax s1!

274 THE TENNESSEE TOOTERS. Chattanooga/ Ground Hog Blues. Col 144-D E+ Harlem’s answer to the Mound City Blue Blowers, Porter Grainger etc.

275 FRANKIE TRUMBAUER & HIS ORCHESTRA. Clarinet Marmalade. 1/s oversized Columbia Vinyl Master Test Pressing of OK mx 80932-A E+ Bix in Astounding Sound!! SMB £40

276           Blue River. 1/s oversized Columbia Vinyl Master Test Pressing of OK mx 81274-B E+ Stunning sound! SMB £40

277           Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea/ RED McKENZIE ORCH. You Rascal You. CoE DB5007 E

278 VARSITY EIGHT. Nobody Knows What A Red Head Mamma/ Don’t Bring Lulu. Cam 714 E- Fine sides

279 WASHBOARD RHYTHM KINGS. Hummin’ To Myself.  1/s Vinyl Victor Master Test Pressing of mx 72695-1 E+ Great sound!

280           Shuffle Off To Buffalo/ Hustlin’ and Bustlin’ For Baby. CoE CB611 E+ Unissued in USA!

281 CARL WEBSTER’S YALES COLLEGIANS. With You. 1/s styrene Master Test Pressing of OK mx 490042-A N- Original is impossible to find!

282 PAUL WHITEMAN & HIS ORCH. Nobody’s Sweetheart (Teagarden vcl!)/ Stop Look & Listen. Vic 25319 EE+

283 HERB WIEDOEFT’S CINDERELLA ROOF ORCH. Stack O’ Lee Blues/Go Your Way.. Br 2660 E- 2 hot West coast sides

284 CLARENCE WILLIAMS’ BLUE FIVE. Mandy Make Up Your Mind / I’m A Little Blackbird.. PaE E5670 E/EE- Classic Louis/Bechet sides! SMB £50

285           ORCH. Beer Garden Blues/ Breeze. Voc 2541 V+

286 COOTIE WILLIAMS & HIS RUG CUTTERS. Diga Diga Doo. 1/s oversized Vinyl Master Test Pressing of Variety mx M187-2 E+ Unissued Take! SMB £30

287 FESS WILLIAMS’ ROYAL FLUSH ORCH. Variety Stomp/ Phantom Blues. Oriole 1011 E+ Beautiful 1927 semi-private English issue, produced for Levy’s record shop in very limited quantities and only sold over their shop counter! Variety Stomp uses very rare take 61 (most US issues use 63)! SMB £150

288 MARY LOU WILLIAMS (Piano + rhythm). Overhand/ Mary’s Special. Dec 781 E+

289 WOLVERINE ORCHESTRA. When My Sugar Walks Down The Street/ Prince of Wails. Gnt 5620 EE+ Classics! SMB £80



290 ‘SONGS BY LEADBELLY’ 3 Record Set comprising:- Good Morning Bl/ How Long: Ain’t You Glad/ Irene: On A Monday/ John Henry. Asch 343-1-2-3 All E+ Some foxing and rubs

291 NEGRO FOLK MUSIC OF ALABAMA, VOL 1, SECULAR.  4 Record Set of Field Recordings by various artists, including Joe Brown, Rich Amerson, Lilly’s Chapel School, Red Willie Smith, Huston Townsend, Willie Turner, Earthy Ann Coleman, Enoch Brown, etc. Keynote 01481-2-3-4 All EE+ with Liner note booklet.

292 NEGRO FOLK MUSIC OF ALABAMA, VOL 2, RELIGIOUS.  4 Record Set of Field Recordings by various artists, including Rev. E.D. Tuckey, Dock Reed, Vera Hall Ward, Rich Amerson, Earthy Ann Coleman, Shilo P.B. Church etc. Keynote -01485-6-7-8. All EE+ with Liner note booklet, frnot cover label sticker missing.

293 ‘JOSH WHITE’. 3 Record Set comprising:- I Got A Head Like A Rock/ Fare Thee Well: Outskirts of Town/ One Meat Ball: The House I Live In/ When I Lay Down and Die Do Die. Asch 348-1-2-3 All EE+, fabulous  album cover art by David Stone Martin, few rubs.



294 JAZZ RECORDS, 1897-1942, 5th Revised and Enlarged Edition, by Brian Rust. Pub. Storyville, 1982. 2-volumes, 2000pp, hardbound in black cloth. My personal favourite of the six editions, certainly the most user-    

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