Offers Invited:

Hugo van der Laan 

Van Beuningenstraat 53 D

2582 KK Den Haag

the Netherlands 


 Auction Closes Sunday 29th October 2017


This is an auction of  classic jazz 78’s. Bids can be made in any currency. Postage is extra, strictly at cost. Easy payments can be made by Eurotransfer, Bank transfer and Paypal.

Grading is aural: how they play, with a “0028 conical stylus. The N and N- grades are not used; E+ is the highest grade. EE+, E-E and V+E- are borderline grades.

00 Henry Allen Biff’ly Blues/ It Should Be You, Gr K-6949 EE+ (laminated French Gramophone after Vi 38073)

101 Make a Country Bird Fly/ Pleasin’Paul, ViAr 38107 E 

102 Louis Armstrong, Skip the Gutter/ Knee Drops (after OK 8631 laminated French Odeon 165.578 EE+/E+

103Heah Me Talkin’To Yo/ Tight Like This (after OK 8649) laminated  French Odeon 279.208 EE+

104Black and Blue/ Ain’t Misbehavin’, OK 8714 E-

105Dallas Blues/ Bessie Couldn’t Help It (after OK 8774) laminated French Odeon 279.485 E+

106Tiger Rag/ Dinah, Conqueror 9554 E+ (after OK 8800) (laminated pressing; original sleeve)

107The Peanut Vendor/ You’re Driving Me Crazy Okeh 41478 E-

108Just a Gigolo/ Shine, laminated French Odeon 238.941 E+

109I'll Be Glad.../ When It's Sleepy Time... OK 41504 E+/EE+

110 Ben’s Bad Boys, Yellow Dog Blues/ Wang-Wang Blues Vi 21971 E ( NY Liberty Music Shop stickers)

111 Blue Steele You’re so Different/ Coronado, Vi 40140 V+E-

112 Butterbeans and Susie, What It Takes To Bring You Back10" styrene master pressing  of Mx 403711B  E+  (as issued on OK 8950; good tb and Armstrong soli)

113 Mildred Bailey, Ain’t that Good News, mx 25373-1A 10” styrene masterpressing E+ unissued

114 Beale Street Washboard Band,  Forty and Tight/ Piggly Wiggly Br 80076 E (first issue sB; tiny scuff sB, not audible)

115 Bix Beiderbecke, Margie (first issue)/ Louisiana, Parlophone R 2833 E+

116Wastin’My Love on You/ Joe Venuti, Deep Down South Vi 23018 E (upper half of the labels damaged by removed stickers)

117 The Big Aces Cherry/ The Little Aces Four or Five Times OK 41136 E/EE+ (initial scratched in labels; or sleeve)

118 Cab Calloway Doin’the Rumba/ Angeline, Melotone 12853 E+

(long very fine scratch sB not audible; original sleeve) 

119 Chocolate Dandies, Goodbye Blues/ Cloudy Skies, Co 35679 EE+

120 Charleston Chasers, Delirium/ Duke Ellington, Down in Our Alley Blues

Co 1076 E- (E but a bit rumble start sA from wrinkles, internal lams not audible, restored edge bite not in grooves)

121 Moanin’Low/ Ain’t Misbehavin’Co 1891 E-/E-E

122 Turn on The Heat/ What Wouldn’t I Do For That Man! Co 1989 E

123 Red Hair and Freckles/ Lovable and Sweet, Co 1925 E+ (and first stampers)

124 Sing You Sinners/ Cinderella Brown, Co 2133 E-/E-E

125 Chicago Feetwarmers, Get ‘em Again Blues/ Brush Stomp Co 35681 E+ (a later issue of OK 8599)

126 The Little Chocolate Dandies, That’s How I Feel Today/ Six or Seven Times, Parlophone R 542 E+/E (beautiful Wandsworth laminate, large nightblue label, after OK 8728)

127 Casa Loma Orchestra, My Man, Mx B 13004 A  10”styrene masterpressing, unissued as ‘78

128 Junie Cobb Shake That Jelly Roll/ Don’t Cry Honey,  10”masterpressing E+, as on Vo 1263, made for John R T Davies

129 Once or Twice/ The Six Jolly Jesters, Oklahoma Stomp Vo 1449 E-E (very light label damage sB, black type label, see the beautiful Vocalion 1000 and Brunswick 7000 series by Helge Thygesen et al)

130 Eddie’s Hot Shots, That’s a Serious Thing/ I’m Gonna Stomp, Mr. Henry Lee, HMV B.4987 EE+

131 Johnny Dodds Sweet Lorraine/ Pencil Papa, Vi 38038 E-/ V+E-

132 Too Tight/ Goober Dance, HMV JK 2138 E-E (laminated Swiss issue after BB 10240)

133 (Hot Six) My Little Isabel/ Heah’Me Talkin’ Bluebird 10241 EE+ (3 soft ticks from tiny ndrop, sA)

Shake Your Can/ Blues Galore, De 7413 E

134 Duke Ellington, Mood Indigo/ When a Black Man's Blue, Vi 22587 E-

134 Dinah/ Bugle Call Rag, Vi 22938 E+

135 Blue Bubbles/ Blues I love to Sing, Vi 22985 EE+

136 I Can’t Give You Anything but Love/ Diga Diga Do Victor 38008 E/E- to E (edge flake, not in grooves, sB)

137 Harlemania/ Japanese Dream, Vi 38045 V+E-/ E-

138 Stevedore Stomp/ The Dicty Glide, Vi 38053 E-E

139 Swanee Shuffles/ Mississippi, Vi 38089 E

140 March of the Hoodlums/ Breakfast Dance, Vi 38115 EE+ (small scratch causes 10 very light ticks, end sA)

141 I was Made to Love You/ My Gal is Good for Nothing but  Love, Vi 38130 E-/E-E

142 Sweet Jazz o’Mine/ Sweet Dreams of Love, Vi 38143 E-E

143 Keep a Song in Your Soul/ The River and Me Victor 22614 E (looks E-E)

145 I’m so in Love with You/ Shout ‘em Aunt Tillie, Victor 23041 E-E

146 Sonny Greer & his Memphis Men, Saturday Night Function/ Beggars Blues, Co 1868 E-E/E-

147 That Rhytm Man/ Mississippi Moan, Co 36157 E+/E

148 Harlem Hot Shots, Breeze/ The Blues Have Got Me Melotone  M 13323 E+ (tiny needle drop sA, barely 

 audible, original sleeve)

149 Fletcher Henderson, Clarinet Marmelade/ Sugar Foot Stomp laminated  British Co CB 367 E+ (after Co 2513)

150 Earl Hines Beau-Koo Jack/ Good Little, Bad Little You Victor 38043 E-

151 Claude Hopkins, Three Little Words, mx B 13124-A

152 Skake Your Ashes, mx B 13130-A

153 Mystic Moan, mx B 13131-A

154 Just You-Just Me, mx B 13132-A

155 Washington Wobble, mx B 13133-A

156 Ain’t Misbehavin’, mx B 13134-A

157 Honeysuckle Rose, mx B 13135-A

158109-115 are all unissued 10”styrene masterpressings E+ A block bid for the entire session is preferred.

159 Spike Hughes Nocturne/ Someone Stole Gabriel’s Horn, De 3563 EE+

160 Pastoral/ Bugle Call Rag, De 3606 E (very light scratch sB, not audible)

161 Arabesque/ Fanfare, De 3639 E/E+

162 Donegal Cradle Song/ Firebird, De F. 3717 E-E

162 Music at Sunrise/ Music at Midnight, De 3836 E-E

163 Sweet Sue, Just You/ How Come You Do Me Like You  Do? Decca F. 3972 E to EE+

164 Jones and Collins’Astoria Hot Eight, Damp Weather/ Tip Easy Blues Bluebird 10952 E-E/E-

165Astoria Strut/ Duet Stomp, BB 8168 EE+

166 Kansas City Frank, Pass the Jug/ Jelly Roll Stomp, Br 7062 E

167 Andy Kirk Once or Twice/ Mary's Idea, Br 4863 V+/E-

168 Jimmie Lunceford Chickasaw Syncopators, In Dat Mornin’/ Sweet Rhytm, BB 5330 E/E+ (after Vi 38141)

169 McKinney’s Cotton Pickers, Never Swat a Fly/ Laughing at Life Vi 23020 E (scratch end sA, few ticks)

170 I Miss a Little Miss/ After All, You’re All I’m After Vi 23024 E-E (label printing greyed)

171 It’s a Precious Thing Called Love/ Do SomethingVi 38051 E (fine scratches not audible)

172 If I Could be With You../ Zonky, Vi 38118 E- (label printing a bit rubbed, sB, small scr sB not audible, 

fine swish start sA, first 60'sB))

174 Mills'Blue Rhytm Band, Minnie, the Moocher/ Heebie JeebiesVi 22763 E

the Caribbean corner

175 Don Azpiazu Green Eyes/ Wanna Lot of Love, Vi 22729 E/E+(2 ticks from needle drop, sA)

176 With My Guitar and You/ Be Careful With Those EyesVi 22441 E+

177 Lamento Boricano/ La Cachimba de San Juan

Vi 30804 E- (initial scratched in label sA)

178 Trio Matamoros, Los Sepultureros/ Te Pico la Abeja Vi 32269 EE+ 

(1934, also reissued by Bruce Bastin, like so, so much else, on HQCD 40)

179 Olvidame/ Mata, Que Nos Perdona, Vi 32306 E-E(thick needle run on label, sA; tiny edge flake  nig sB)

180 Alegre Conga/ Ya No Alumbra Tu Estrella, Vi 82084 E/E-( tiny pdig 3 soft ticks sA, scr sB not audible)

181 Agustin Perez Calderon, El Gallo de Catalina/ La Guerra Espanola

Vi 82116 E+/E (1937, stunning old Punto Cubana with beautiful guitar and claves;  British 'special record' stickers on label tops and small Amsterdam  record shop stickers)

182 Rico’s Creole Band, See Saw/ Vision de Vénus, Gr K-7219 E/E+ (1933/4 laminated French original; light scratch sA nap)

183 Alma de Mujer/ Chaparrita, Gr K-7450 E+(1934 laminated French original; 5 mm label tear sB)

184 Un Soir de Carnaval/ La Última Noche, Gr K 8848 E (laminated French original  ‘Disque Gramophones')

185 Lecuona Cuban Boys, Tabou/ Amapola, Co DF 1820 E+

186 Rumba Tambah/ Maria Belen Chacon, Co DF 1832 E+

187 Puchunguita/ Rumbas Cubanas, Co DF 1833 E+

188 Tendre Bolero/ Maria la O, Co DF 1930 E-

189 Rumba Musulmana/ La Havane a Paris, Co DF 1963 E+ (1935/6 Paris’ recordings on laminated French Columbia's)

190 Missourians Market Street Stomp/ Missouri Moan, HMV J.F. 16 EE+

191 Miff Mole’s Little Molers, Navy Blues/ Lucky Little Devil Small Black Okeh 41371 E

192After You’ve Gone/ Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble Small Black Okeh 41445 E+

193 That’s a Plenty (-A)/ I’ve Got a Feeling I'm Falling laminated  French Odeon 279.695 E+

(this is the first and only issue of take -A of  'Plenty')

194 You Made me Love You (the first issue)/ Joe Venuti,  Apple Blossoms, laminated Parlophone R 647 E-E

195 Jelly Roll Morton, Doctor Jazz/ Dixieland Jug Blowers, Memphis Shake Victor 20415 E/E-E

197Georgia Swing/ Kansas City Stomps laminated French Disque Gramophone DA 4987 E+

(but name written on labels)

198 Little Lawrence/ Ponchatrain, HMV E.A. 3680 E+

199 Burnin’the Iceberg/ Pretty Lil, HMV E.A. 3730 E+ (superior strong clean laminates; Victor  used 

the solid stock technology for pressing records)

200 Bennie Moten Milenberg Joys/ Blue Room, Vi 24381 E-

201 South/ She’s No Trouble, Vi 38012 V+

202 Rite Tite/ That Certain Motion, Vi 38104 E- (looks V+)

203 Loose Like a Goose/ It Won’t be Long, Vi 38123 E-

204 New Orleans/ Lafayette, BB 6218 E (after Vi 24216)

205 Won’t You Be My Baby / Now That I Need You Buff BB 6711 E+ (only issue of sB)

206 Napoleon’s Emperors, You Can’t Cheat a Cheater/ Anything,  Vi 38069 E- (faint potential hairline crack, not audible)

207 King Oliver St.James Infirmary/ When You’re Smiling, Vi 22298 E

208 West End Blues/ Duke Ellington, The Mooche Vi 38034 E-E

209 Stealing Love/ Dixieland Jug Blowers, Memphis Shake Electrola EG 7853 E+ (the only ’78 issue, original sleeve)

210Passing Time with Me/ What’s the Use of Living Without Love, Vi 23011 E- to E/E- (light swish fading out, first half of sA)

211The Trumpet’s Prayer/ Call of the Freaks laminated  Australian HMV EA 2989 EE+ 

212 Stingaree Blues/ Shake it and Break It, BB 10707 E+

213 Tiny Parham Clarice/ Snake Eyes, Vi 21659 V+

214 Now That I’ve Found You/ Sud Buster’s Dream Vi 22778 E/EE+ (NY record shop sticker)

215 Subway Sobs/ Blue Island Blues, Vi 38041 E-E (fine scratch largely inaudible)  

216 Jack Pettis Doin’The New Low Down/ Spanish Dream Vi 21559 E (light scratch not audible, sB)

217Freshman Hop/ A Bag of Blues, Vi 21793 E-

218 Leo Reisman What is This Thing Called Love/ She’s Such a Comfort to Me, Vi 22282 E- (Woody Allen pick)

219 Red and his Big Ten, I’m tickled Pink with a Blue-Eyed Baby/ That’s Where the South Begins, Vi 23026 EE+/E+ label printing somewhat broken, sB)

220 Don Redman Doin’the New Low-Down, mx B 12810-B 10”styrene masterpressing E+, unissued take

221 Doin’the New Low-Down, mx 12811-B 10”styrene masterpressing E+, unissued take

222 Shuffle Your Feet Bandanna Babies, Mx B 13010-A   10”styrene masterpressing E+, unissued

223 Luis Russell Louisiana Swing/ Frankie Trumbauer, Hittin’the Bottle laminated Parlophone R 795 E (light scratch on label sA)

224 Muggin’Lightly/ O.K. Rhytm Kings, San Sue Strut laminated Parlophone R 934 E

225Panama/ The Chocolate Dandies, laminated Parlo R 963 E (These laminates were pressed between 1930 and 1932  when EMI,  regrettably,  closed the Wandsworth factory )

226 Say the Word/ Goin’ to Town, Vi 22789 E-

227 Frankie Trumbauer, I'm Coming Virginia/ Way Down Yonder in New  Orleans (after OK 40843) laminated  French Odeon 165.134 E+

228 Hunpty Dumpty/ Baltimore (after OK 40926) laminated French Odeon 165.252 E/EE+

229There’ll Come a Time/ Mississippi Mud (after OK 40979) laminated French Odeon 165.330 E+ 

230My Pet/Borneo (after OK 41039) laminated French Odeon 165.360 E+ 

(wonderful pressings; original déco Odeon sleeves)

231 Andy Sannella, Valse Jewel/ Love's Golden Dream, Ha 1026 E-

232 Lou Gold Once in a Blue Moon/ I was Made to Love You Harmony 1081 E-E

233 Pinetop Smith Jump Steady Blues (first issue)/ I’m Sober Now Br 80009 E (small edge bite restored, not in grooves)

234 Snooks and his Memphis Ramblers, Hello, Beautiful/  Wha'd Ja Do To Me?  Vi 23033 E-

235 State Street Ramblers, Tiger Moan/ Me and the Blues, E+, 10"vinyl  master pressings made for John RT, as issued on Ch 16247

236 Wild Man Stomp/ Stomp Your Stuff, E+, 10”vinyl masterpressings made for John RT, as issued on Ch 16297

237Kentucky Blues/ Georgia Grind, E+, 10”vinyl master- pressings made for Jon RT, as issued on Ch 16279/16320

238I Want to Be Your Lovin’ Man/ Careless Love, E+ 10”vinyl masterpressings made for John RT, as issued on Ch 16350/ 16464

239 Joe Venuti (Blue Four), Running Ragged/ Apple Blossoms OK 41361 E-

241 Ethel Waters (Cecil Mack Choir) St Louis Blues, mx B 12790-B 10”styrene masterpressing, unissued take

242 (Duke Ellington Orch), I can’t Give You Anything But  Love, mx B 12783-B, 10”styrene masterpressing E+ (unissued take)

243 Porgy, mx B 12784-B, 10”styrene masterpressing E+ (unissued take, -A on Br 6521) 

244 Clarence Williams’Jazz Kings, If You Like Me Like I Like You/ Have You Ever Felt That Way? Co 1735 EE+/E+ (Radio City New York sticker, sB)

245 Dixie Washboard Band, Anywhere Sweetie Goes/ Cushion Foot Stomp, Co 14239  V+ to E- 

246 Whoop it Up/ I’m Not Worrying, Co 14447 V+ to E- ( 2 edge flakes not in grooves, sB, restored)

247 Zonky/ You’ve Got to Be Modernistic Columbia 14488 V+ to E- (3 edge flakes nig restored)

248 Yama Yama Blues/ Church Street Sobbin’Blues OK 8525 E/E-

249 Clarence Williams’ Rhytm Rascals, Organ Grinder/ You Ain’t Too Old Australian purple label laminated Parlophone A 3805 EE+  after Co 2863

250 Fess Williams Friction/ Here ‘t Is, Vi 38056 V+E-/ V+ to V+E-

251 A Few Riffs/ Do Shuffle, Vi 38064 E-E/E

252 ‘Eleven-Thirty Saturday Night/ I’m Feeling Develish Victor 38131 E/E- to E (Levy’s Shop Stickers)