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Guaranteed conservative VJM grading. All are play-tested. I can send pictures early in the auction cycle.

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1. Louis Armstrong Okeh 8566 Struttin’ With Some Barbecue / Once In A While  (Large Red 1st) E-  A-3/B-3 stampers

2. Louis Armstrong Okeh 8657 St. James Infirmary / Save It Pretty Mamma (Large Black 1st) strong E- s.2 aud grit scrs. 2nd half   B-2/B-3 stampers

3. Louis Armstrong Okeh 8669 No One Else But You / I Can’t Give You Anything But Love (Large Black 1st) E-/V+  A-2/A-10 stampers

4. Louis Armstrong Okeh 41468 Body & Soul / ELLINGTON Ring Dem Blues Okeh 41468 (Small Black 1st)   E-/V++

5. Roy Bargy & Ramona Victor 24260 My Cousin In Milwaukee / A Penny For Your Thoughts  E-

6. Alex Bartha Red Blues / Joe Haymes I Would Do Anything For You Victor 24083 EE-/V+ 

7. Bix Beiderbecke Ol’ Man River / Wa-Da-Da Okeh 41088 (Large Black 1st) V+V++           

8. Bix Beiderbecke I’ll Be A Friend “With Pleasure”-2 / I Don’t Mind Walkin’ In The Rain Victor 23008 E-

9. Tom Berwick Two Buck Tim From Timbuctoo / A Little Beer, A Pretzel And You Buff Bluebird 5045 E+

10. Eubie Blake Thumpin’ ‘N’ Bumpin’ / Snooks I’m Blue But Nobody Cares Victor 22737 E-/E-V++

11. Rube Bloom Bayou Boys There’s A Wah-Wah Gal In Agua Caliente / On Revival Day Columbia 2218 EE-

12. Boswell Sisters Berigan, etc. An Ev’ning In Caroline / River, Stay ‘Way From My Door Brunswick 6218 E

13. Boswell Sisters Berigan, etc. I Thank You Mr. Moon / Nothing Is Sweeter Than You Brunswick 6231 E- Inaud scr.1

14. Boswell Sisters Everybody Loves My Baby / Stop The Sun, Stop The Moon Brunswick 6271 E-

15. Boswell Sisters There’ll Be Some Changes Made / Between The Devil & Deep Blue Sea Brunswick 6291 EE- rf s.1 nig sol

16. Boswell Sisters Sentimental Gentleman From Georgia / Down On The Delta Brunswick 6395 EE-  sol

17. Boswell Sisters It Don’t Mean A Thing / Minnie The Moocher’s Weddin’ Day Brunswick 6442 EE-

18. Boswell Sisters It’s Sunday Down In Caroline / The Gold Digger’s Song Brunswick 6596 E- lbl fade s2

19. Boswell Sisters You Oughta Be In Pictures / I Hate Myself Brunswick 6798 E-

20. Boswell Sisters The Lonesome Road / Goin’ Home Brunswick 6951 EE-/E-

21. Boswell Sisters St. Louis Blues / Trav’lin All Alone Brunswick 7467 E-/EE-

22. Connie Boswell Berigan, Dorseys Me Minus You / I’ll Never Have To Dream Again E-

23. California Ramblers Fallin Down / ni Harmony 106 E-

24. California Ramblers Tiger Rag / San Harmony 224 E-

25. California Ramblers Too Tired / Sing A Little Song Silvertone(off Pathe) 1275 EE-

26. Cab Calloway Some Of These Days / Is That Religion? Brunswick 6020 E-/EE-

27. Cab Calloway Nagasaki / Miss Otis Regrets Brunswick 7504 E

28. Cab Calloway ‘Long About Midnight / Jitterbug Victor 24592 E-

29. Cab Calloway Hotcha Razz-Ma-Tazz / Moon Glow Victor 24690 E to EE+/EE+ s.2 tiny mark tics soft 2x

30. Hoagy Carmichael Bix Georgia / One Night In Havana Victor 23013 EE-

31. Hoagy Carmichael Bix Barnacle Bill, The Sailor / Rockin’ Chair  Victor 38139 E- tiny mark s.1 tics 4x

32. Hoagy Carmichael Bix Bessie Couldn’t Help It / Fess Williams Hot Mamma Victor 22864 V++/V+ plays better

33. Casa Loma Blue Jazz / White Jazz Brunswick 6611 EE- plays E

34. Castle Farms Serenaders Tennessee Lazy / High Up On A Hill-top Broadway 1227 PMT mxs. E-

35. Sunny Clapp When My Baby Smiles At Me / Bon Soir Victor 22684 E-

36. Sunny Clapp Reflections Of You / ni Victor 22777 E  A-stampers uncommon

37. E.C. Cobb Corneaters Barrell House Stomp / Transatlantic Stomp Victor 38023 V++

38. Cotton Pickers Rampart Street Blues / Kansas City Kitty Brunswick 4325 EE+

39. Cotton Pickers He’s A Good Man to Have Around / Shoo Shoo Boogie Boo Brunswick 4447 EE+

40. Doc Daugherty She’s A Gorgeous Thing! / Tie A Little String Around Your Finger Victor 23040 E+/EE+

41. Eddie Deas Jes Shufflin’ / Signs Of The Highway Victor 22841 V++ A-stamper

42. Bob Deikman No Wonder I’m Happy / ni digs Silvertone(off Electrobeam Gennett) 5107  E- with V+ start Hot Midwest

43. Devine’s Wisconsin Roof Tiger Rag-1 / New St. Louis Blues Paramount 12599 EE-/E- scr s.1 tics soft 5x  very rare issue

44. Johnny Dodd’s Stompers Come On & Stomp Stomp Stomp / After You’ve Gone(no vcl.) Brunswick 3568 V++

45. Johnny Dodd’s Stompers When Erastus Plays His Old Kazoo / Joe Turner Blues Brunswick 3997 V+ to V++

46. Duke Ellington I Can’t Realize You Love Me / I’m So In Love With You Clarion 5391 E-V++

48. Duke Ellington Black Beauty / Swampy River (Large Black 1st) Okeh 8636 E+

49. Duke Ellington Lonnie Johnson Misty Mornin’ / The Blues With A Feelin’ Okeh 8662 V++/V+

50. Duke Ellington Take It Easy-A / Harry Reser Mississippi Mud Romeo 618 V+

51. Duke Ellington Three Little Words / Ring Dem Bells Victor 22528 E+

52. Duke Ellington Keep A Song In Your Soul / The River & Me Victor 22614 E+

53. Duke Ellington Saturday Night Function / High Life Victor 38036 E+ tiny nr s.2  has 2 soft tics

54. Lloyd Finlay Jews-Harp Blues / Fiddlin’ Blues Victor 19644 E-

55. Emerson Gill Mobile Blues / On Saturday Night Okeh 40065 V++/E-

56. Jean Goldkette Bix I’m Gonna Meet My Sweetie Now / ni Victor 20675 E+

57. Bill Haid Cubs Blue Grass / Hold Everything Here Comes My Girl Broadway 1200 V++ Hot Midwest all these Paramount mxs.

58. Bill Haid Cubs If You Don’t Love Me / Jeannine Broadway 1201 EE+

59. Bill Haid Cubs Doin The Racoon / Me & The Man In The Moon Broadway 1235 E

60. Halfway House Dance Orch Maple Leaf Rag / Let Me Call You Sweetheart Columbia 476 V++

61. Halfway House Dance Orch Snookum(masterpiece) / It Belongs to You Columbia 1041 EE-

62. Halfway House Dance Orch Tell Me Who / Love Dreams Columbia 1542  tiny rcng 

63. Annette Hanshaw It’s The Talk Of The Town / Don’t Blame Me Conqueror 8256 EE-/E-

64. Annette Hanshaw Lovable & Sweet / Moanin’ Low Okeh 41292 EE+ A-2/A-1 stampers

65. Annette Hanshaw I Have To Have You / When I Am HOUSE-KEEPING For You Okeh 41351 E-

66. Annette Hanshaw Just Can’t Be Bothered With Me / With You Okeh 41397 V+ A-2/A-1 Stampers

67. Annette Hanshaw Do Do Do / If I’d Only Believed In You Perfect 12305 E to EE- s.1 aud scr tics 22x

68. Annette Hanshaw OM5 Somebody Said / Wistful & Blue Perfect 14804 EE-

69. Annette Hanshaw California Ramblers High Up On A Hill-top / Forgetting You Velvetone 1734 E+ tiny scr s.1 tics inconsistently 4x

70. Harlem Hamfats Oh! Red / Lake Providence Blues Decca 7182 V++/E-

71. Harlem Hamfats The Garbage Man / Southern Blues Decca 7229 E-

72. Harlem Hamfats I Feel Like A Millionaire / Bad Luck Man Decca 7245 E/EE-

73. Harlem Hamfats Ooh-Wee Babe / Growling Dog Decca 7283 E-/E

74. Harlem Hamfats Hallalujah Joe Ain’t Preaching No More / What’s My Baby Doin’ Decca 7299 E- rcng

75. Harlem Hamfats It Was Red / Jam Jamboree Decca 7312 V++/E-

76. Harlem Hamfats I Feel Like Going To Town / I’m So Glad Decca 7339 E-

77. Harlem Hamfats Down In Shady Lane / I’m Cuttin’ Out Decca 7351 E-

78. Harlem Hamfats You Got The Devil To Pay / Tempo De Bucket Decca 7382 E-

79. Harlem Hamfats Rampart & Gravier Blues / Broken Hearted Blues Decca 7395 E-

80. Harlem Hamfats Time’s A Wastin’ / I’d Rather Be With You Decca 7454 E-V++

81. Clifford Hayes’ Louisville Stompers Blue Trombone Stomp / Clef Club Stomp Victor 38011 V++

82. Fletcher Henderson I Want To See A Little More Of Arkansas / Let Me Introduce You To My Rosie Brunswick 3026 EE-

83. Fletcher Henderson Blazin’ / The Wang Wang Blues Columbia 1913 EE+/E A-3 Stampers             

84. Fletcher Henderson Oh Baby(masterpiece) / Feelin’ Good Diva 2636 E

85. Fletcher Henderson I Found A New Baby / ni Harmony 121 E-

86. Fletcher Henderson Nervous Charlie Stomp / Black Horse Stomp Harmony 153 strong E-

87. Fletcher Henderson Static Strut / Hard-To-Get Gertie Harmony 197 EE-

88. Fletcher Henderson Say Say Sadie / I Wish I Could Make You Cry Perfect 14265 EE- plays closer to E

89. Fletcher Henderson Old Black Joe’s Blues / Potomac River Blues Vocalion 14740 EE-/E-

90. Fletcher Henderson When You Walked Out Someone Else Walked Right In-3 / ni Puritan 11239 E-

91. Fletcher Henderson Stockholm Stomp / Have It Ready Vocalion 15532 V++ plays better

92. Fletcher Henderson Sugar Foot Stomp / Singing The Blues Victor 22721 E- A-Stampers

93. Henny Hendrickson’s Serenaders Buffalo Rhythm / On The Beach With You Victor 22749 E-

94. Earl Hines A Monday Date / 57 Varieties RBColumbia 2800 E

95. Earl Hines 57 Varieties / I Ain’t Got Nobody Okeh 41175 E-V++/E-

96. Earl Hines Everybody Loves My Baby / Chicago Rhythm Victor 38042 V++

97. Earl Hines Grand Piano Blues / Blue Nights Victor 38096 EE-/E- A/C-Stampers

98. Paul Howard Serenaders Charlie’s Idea / Over Night Blues Victor 38070 EE+

99. Billy James Orch When I Tumble InTo My Humble Inn(no vcl) / ni Challenge 658 EE+/E hot solos-1st appearance on Challenge

100. Charlie Johnson Harlem Drag / Hot Bones And Rice Victor 38059 EE+ D/B Stampers

101. Jones Paramount Charleston Four Old Steady Roll / Homeward Bound Blues Paramount 12279 V++/V+ Strong player!

102. Richard M. Jones Jazzin’ Baby Blues / Boar Hog Blues Victor 21203 V+V++

103. Art Kahn He’s The Last Word / Hello! Swanee-Hello! Columbia 830 E+ Fine s.1 & uncommon!

104. Gene Kardos China Boy / Mean Music Victor 22790 EE+/E+ A-Stampers

105. Gene Kardos Sweet Violets / Down On The Farm Victor 22863 E-

106. Gene Kardos Alexander’s Ragtime Band / Glory Victor 22920 EE-/E-

107. Gene Kardos Sadie, The Shaker / There Ought To Be A Law Against That Victor 22959 E/E- inaud crk under lbl into 1” gvs-stable

108. Gene Kardos I Can’t Believe That It’s You / The Roses Are Red, The Violets Are Blue Victor 24006 E A-Stampers

109. Gene Kardos Sing / Sheltered By The Stars Victor 24081 E A-Stampers

110. Gene Kardos Freckle Face, You’re Beautiful / The Breeze Vocalion 2746 EE-/E-

111. KXYZ Novelty Band That’s A Plenty / Bugle Call Rag Bluebird 5852 E

112. Slim Lamar Mississippi Stomp / That’s A Plenty Victor 38044 E+

113. Slim Lamar You Never Did That Before / June Days Victor 40130 EE+

114. Art Landry Everybody Stomp! / The Camel Walk Victor 19858 E+

115. Guy Lombardo’s Canadians Cy / So This Is Venice Gennett 5416 E- strong player

116. Marion McKay At The End Of The Road / Tea For Two Gennett 3025 E-/V+

117. McKinney’s Cotton Pickers Hullabaloo / Baby Won’t You Please Come Home Victor 22511 E- A-Stampers

118. McKinney’s Cotton Pickers She’s My Secret Passion / It’s A Lonesome Old Town Victor 22628 E

119. McKinney’s Cotton Pickers Wherever There’s A Will, Baby / Blanche Calloway Make Me Know It Victor 22736 E+

120. McKinney’s Cotton Pickers Do You Believe In Love At Sight? / Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams Victor 22811 E- A-Stampers

121. McKinney’s Cotton Pickers Will You, Won’t You, Be My Babe? / Rocky Road Victor 22932 E- couple tics before music s.1

122. McKinney’s Cotton Pickers Never Swat A Fly / Laughing At Life Victor 23020 visually EE-/E plays E+!

123. McKinney’s Cotton Pickers Hello / You’re Driving Me Crazy Victor 23031 V++

124. McKinney’s Cotton Pickers To Whom It May Concern / Come A Little Closer Victor 23035 E-

125. McKinney’s Cotton Pickers Selling That Stuff / Beedle Um Bum Victor 38052 EE-/E-

126. McKinney’s Cotton Pickers Plain Dirt / Gee, Ain’t I Good To You Victor 38097 E-

127. McKinney’s Cotton Pickers Peggy / I’d Love It Victor 38133 E tiny mark 2 soft tics s.2

128. Memphis Night Hawks Rukus Juice Shuffle / Georgia Grind Banner 32434 E-V++/V++ s.2 few [email protected] storage marks soft swish 1st few gvs

129. Memphis Night Hawks Endurance Stomp(masterpiece) / Black Diamond Twins Block & Tackle Perfect 0206 V++ plays better

130. Memphis Stompers Yea Alabama / Washington & Lee Swing Victor 21709 E- A/B Stampers

131. Bubber Miley Edith Wilson Loving You The Way I Do / The Penalty Of Love Victor 23010 EE+

132. Bubber Miley Chinnin’ & Chattin’ With May / Black Maria Victor 38146 E-/V++

133. Mills Blue Rhythm Band Savage Rhythm(masterpiece) / I’m Sorry I Made You Blue Brunswick 6229 E plays better

134. Missourians Market Street Stomp / Missouri Moan Victor 38067 V++

135. Missourians “400” Hop / Scotty Blues Victor 38084 V+/VV+

136. Missourians Vine Street Drag / I’ve Got Someone Victor 38103 EE-

137. Missourians Stoppin’ The Traffic / Prohibition Blues Victor 38120 E-

138. Missourians Two Hundred Squabble / Swingin’ Dem Cats Victor 38145 E-

139. Zackie Moore Illi-Noisy Seven Blue River / ni Broadway 1109 V++ strong player

140. Thomas Morris Ham Gravy / Jackass Blues Victor 20179 E

141. Thomas Morris Blues From The Everglades / P.D.Q. Blues Victor 20330 E

142. Jelly Roll Morton Dead Man Blues-2 / Sidewalk Blues Victor 20252 E- 1st inch grainy

143. Jelly Roll Morton Original Jelly-Roll Blues / Someday Sweetheart Victor 20405 E-

144. Jelly Roll Morton Doctor Jazz / Dixieland Jug Blowers(Dodds) Memphis Shake Victor 20415 E-

145. Bennie Moten Thick Lip Stomp / Harmony Blues Victor 20406 V++ tiny rfng plays better

146. Bennie Moten The New Tulsa Blues / Clifford Hayes The Petter’s Stomp Victor 21584 E 2 tics s.1 frm tiny scr

147. Bennie Moten Justrite / Trouble In Mind Victor 21739 E-/E  A-Stampers

148. Bennie Moten Ya Got Love / I Wanna Be Around My Baby All The Time Victor 22690 E- A-Stampers

149. Bennie Moten Liza Lee / Get Goin’ Victor 23023 EE+/EE-

150. Bennie Moten New Moten Stomp / Bouncin’ Around Victor 23030 EE+

151. Bennie Moten Rumba Negro / ni Victor 23027 E

152. Bennie Moten Blue Room / Milenberg Joys Victor 24381 EE+ A-Stampers

153. Bennie Moten Slow Motion / Hot Water Blues Victor 38012 E-/EE-

154. Bennie Moten Kansas City Squabble / Now Goofy Dust Victor 38091 EE- rare this clean

155. Bennie Moten It Won’t Be Long / Loose Like A Goose ARGENTINEVictor 38123 E+

156. Bennie Moten Boot It / Everyday Blues Victor 38144 E- B-Stampers

157. Mound City Blue Blowers Hello Lola / One Hour Victor 38100 E- A-Stampers  crk under s1 lbl nig

158. Musical Stevedores Happy Rhythm / Honeycomb Harmony Columbia 14406 E+

159. Napoleon’s Emperors You Can’t Cheat A Cheater / Anything Victor 38069 E+ lite grain s.2 only!

160. New Orleans Black Birds Playing The Blues / Red Head Victor 38027 E-

161. New Orleans Owls Stomp Off – Let’s Go / Oh Me! Oh My Columbia 489 V+V++

162. New Orleans Owls The Owl’s Hoot / Warner’s 7 Aces Breakin’ The Leg Columbia 605 V++/V

163. New Orleans Owls Dynamite / Pretty Baby Columbia 1045 E- with V+ starts

164. New Orleans Owls Meat On The Table / Piccadilly Columbia 1158 EE-/V++

165. New Orleans Owls Goose Pimples / Throwin’ The Horns Columbia 1261 EE-

166. New Orleans Owls The New Twister / That’s A Plenty Columbia E-/E

167. Red Nichols Our Home Town Mountain Band / Part 2 Brunswick 6348 EE+

168. Red Nichols  Heat Waves / Love & Nuts & Noodles Brunswick 6451 EE+

169. Red Nichols I Got Rhythm / Sweet & Hot Brunswick 6711 EE+

170. Red Nichols Benny Goodman At Last I’m Happy(super) / If You Haven’t Got A Girl Victor 23033 EE+ B-Stampers

171. Jimmie Noone It’s You! / River, Stay ‘Way From My Door Brunswick 6192 EE-

172. King Oliver Deep Henderson / Jackass Blues Brunswick 3245 E-V++

173. King Oliver Wa Wa Wa / Someday Sweetheart Brunswick 3373 E-/E

174. King Oliver Farewell Blues / Sobbin’ Blues Brunswick 3741 EE+/E

175. King Oliver Call Of The Freaks / The Trumpet’s Prayer Victor 38039 E

176. King Oliver I Must Have It / You’re Just My Type Victor 38124 E B/A-Stampers

177. King Oliver Rhythm Club Stomp / Edna Victor 38137 E- last 1 ¾” s.2(only) lite heat swish faded lbls

178. Tiny Parham Cuckoo Blues / The Head Hunter’s Dream Victor 21553 E-

179. Tiny Parham Sud Buster’s Dream / Now That I’ve Found You Victor 22778 EE+

180. Tiny Parham Rock Bottom / Earl Hines Sweet Ella May Victor 22842 E+

181. Tiny Parham Doin’ The Jug-Jug / Blue Moon Blues Victor 23027 EE-/E  s.1 plays better

182. Tiny Parham Jogo Rhythm / Stuttering Blues Victor 38009 E

183. Tiny Parham Subway Sobs / Blue Island Blues Victor 38041 E

184. Tiny Parham Skag-A-Lag / Voodoo Victor 38054 E-

185. Tiny Parham Lucky “3-6-9” / Jungle Crawl Victor 38082 E-/E

186. Jack Pettis Ain’t She Sweet-2 / That’s My Happiness Regal 8263 E-

187. Pickens Sisters Too Many Tears / Somebody Loves You Victor 22965 E/EE-

188. Ben Pollack Two Tickets To Georgia / Linger A Little Longer In The Twilight Victor 24284 EE+ A-Stampers

189. Slatz Randall Blame It On The Moon / I’d Do Anything For You Brunswick 4562 E Fine territory

190. Slatz Randall Let’s Don’t & Say We Did / Got A Great Big Date Brunswick 4568 EE- Uncommon+2-Sider

191. Don Redman Shakin’ The Africann / Song Of The Weeds Brunswick 6211 EE-

192. Roane’s Pennsylvanians Between The Devil & Deep Blue Sea / Put That Sun Back In The Sky Victor 22922 E- A-Stampers

193. Roane’s Pennsylvanians Good-Bye Blues / Is I In Love? I Is Victor 24036 EE-/E-

194. Roane’s Pennsylvanians Why Don’t You Get Lost? / Snooks Sweet Birds Victor 24036 E- lite grn 1st ¾”

195. Luis Russell The Ghost Of The Freaks / Hocus Pocus Melotone 13334 EE-/E-

196. Luis Russell At the Darktown Strutter’s Ball / Ol’ Man River Melotone 13146 E-/V++

197. Luis Russell Jersey Lightning / Call Of The Freaks Okeh 8734 V++

198. Luis Russell Savoy Shout / Ellington Lazy Duke Okeh 8760 E-/V++ plays better

199. Luis Russell Saratoga Shout / Song Of The Swanee Okeh 8780 V++/E- plays better

200. Luis Russell Mugging Lightly / Poor Li’l Me Okeh 8830 V+ passing nd

201. Luis Russell High Tension / Panama Okeh 8849 EE+ rfng, inaudible lams A-2/A-1 Stampers

202. Adrian Schubert Just A Song About You-1/ni Cameo 0348 E hot muted cnt.

203. Arthur Schutt I’m Following You / Hal Kemp Under A Texas Moon Okeh 41360 E-/EE-

204. Emil Seidel One More Night / Dear, On A Night Like This Gennett 6340 V+

205. Emil Seidel Beautiful / ni Gennett 6367 V++

206. Boyd Senter Original Stack O’Lee Blues Diva 6044 E-

207. Boyd Senter Somebody’s Wrong / Eniale Blues Okeh 41059 E-  s.1 2” lam audible for 1st ½”

208. Boyd Senter Smiles / Give It to Me Right Away Victor 23032 E+  1/8th” imp hrln s.1 only & of course inaudible

209. Trixie Smith w/Syncopators Freight Train Blues / Don’t Shake It No More Paramount 12211 V+V++ tiny passing dig(1tic) s.1

210. Snooks Memphis Ramblers Kissable Baby / Cutest Kid In Town Victor 22813 E-/E—

211. Snooks Nothin’ To Do But Love / Why Did It Have to Be Me Victor 22895 E-

212. Snooks Hello Beautiful / Wha’d Ja Do to Me? Victor 23038 E- couple lite tics near start s.1

213. Stan Stanley Little White Lies(top version w/HOT solos+girl vcl!)/Grosso ni Champion 16083 V+ ¼” tiny mark swish s.1

214. Blue Steele Beyond The Sunset / ni Victor 21530 E+

215. Wilber Sweatman The Darktown Strutter’s Ball / Good-Bye Alexander Columbia 2596 V+

216. Tampa Red You Got to Learn to Do It / Boots Buddies Sleepy Gal BuffBluebird 6968 E-/V++

217. Tampa Red You Rascal You No.1 / No. 2 Oriole 8158 EE-/E-

218. Jackie Taylor Boswell Sisters We’re On The Highway To Heaven / ni Victor 22500 E+ couple tics BEFORE music

219. Jack Teagarden Benny Goodman Junk Man / Casa Loma Orch Casa Loma Stomp Brunswick 7652 E/E-

220. Tin Pan Paraders I Gotta Have You / Clowning Supertone 9544 EE-/E

221. Tram-Bix and Eddie For No Reason At All In C / Trumbology (Large Blk)Okeh 40871 E-

222. Frankie Trumbauer There’s A Cradle In Caroline / Blue River (Large Blk)Okeh 40879 E

223. Frankie Trumbauer Three Blind Mice / Krazy Kat (Large Black)Okeh 40903 E-

224. Bix Beiderbecke In A Mist / Tram-Bix and Eddie Wringin’ An’ Twistin’ (Large Blk)Okeh 40916 V+/V++

225. Frankie Trumbauer Baltimore / Humpty Dumpty (Large Blk)Okeh 40926 V++ edge flake nig

226. Frankie Trumbauer A Good Man Is Hard To Find / Crying All Day (Large Blk)Okeh 40966 V++ A-1 both

227. Frankie Trumbauer Mississippi Mud / There’ll Come A Time (Large Blk)Okeh 40979 E-

228. Frankie Trumbauer Lila / Our Bungalow Of Dreams (Large Blk)Okeh 41019 E

229. Frankie Trumbauer Dusky Stevedore / Bless You! Sister (Large Blk)Okeh 41100 E- couple [email protected] s.2

230. Frankie Trumbauer Reaching For Someone / Shivery Stomp (Large Black)Okeh 41268 EE+ inaud rubs

231. Frankie Trumbauer Manhatten Rag / What Wouldn’t I Do For That Man! (Large Black)Okeh 41330 V++ one noisy groove s.1

232. Frankie Trumbauer Happy Feet-C / I Like To Do Things For You Okeh 41421 EE- A-1 Stampers

233. Frankie Trumbauer Choo Choo / Bye Bye Blues Okeh 41450 V++

234. Frankie Trumbauer Berigan Blue Moon / Down T’ Uncle Bill’s Victor 24812 E+ A-Stampers

235. Frankie Trumbauer Berigan Troubled / Plantation Moods Victor 24834 E+ A-Stampers

236. Joe Venuti Eddie Lang Wild Cat / Sunshine (Large Red)Okeh 40762 E-

237. Joe Venuti’s Blue Four The Man From The South / Pretty Trix (Large Black)Okeh 41076 EE+/E A-Stampers

238. Joe Venuti New Yorkers That’s The Good Old Sunny South / Weary River(Large Black)Okeh 41192 E- A-Stampers

239. Joe Venuti’s Blue Four My Honey’s Lovin’ Arms / Goin’ Home (Large Black)Okeh 41251 EE+ inaud lams A-Stampers

240. Thomas Waller w/Thomas Morris Please Take Me Out Of Jail / He’s Gone Away Victor 21202 E+/EE+ A/B Stampers

241. Fats Waller Lookin’ Good But Feelin’ Bad / I Need Someone Like You Victor 38086 EE- A/C Stampers

242. Warner’s Seven Aces I’d Like To Be Your Sheik For Awhile / Ace Of Spades Okeh 40080 V+V++

243. Washboard Rhythm Kings Every Man For Himself Stomp / A Porter’s Love Song Victor 22719 V++

244. Washboard Serenaders Washboards Get Together / Kazoo Moan Victor 38127 EE- sol

245. Chick Webb Get Together / When Dreams Come True RBColumbia 2883 EE- A-4 both

246. Chick Webb If It Ain’t Love / True Okeh 41571 EE+ A-Stampers

247. Chick Webb Blue Minor / Lonesome Moments Okeh 41572 EE+ A-1 Stampers

248. Ted Weems Come On, Baby / Nat Shilkret Here’s That Party Now In Person Victor 21729  E+

249. Ted Weems Washing Dishes With My Sweetie / Leo Reisman Victor 22426 E+

250. Paul Whiteman Bix ‘Taint  So, Honey, ‘Taint So / That’s My Weakness Now Columbia 1444 EE-

251. Paul Whiteman Bix Felix The Cat / Mother Goose Parade Columbia 1478 EE+/E

252. Paul Whiteman Trumbauer How About Me? / Cradle Of Love Columbia 1723 E+

253. Paul Whiteman Ramona You’re An Old Smoothie / Eadie Was A Lady Victor 24202 E+

254. Paul Whiteman Frank Trumbauer “G” Blues / Tail Spin Victor 24668 E+

255. Paul Whiteman I Saw Stars / I’m Counting On You Victor 24705 E+

256. Clarence Williams Jug Band High Society / The Shim Sham Shimmy Dance RBColumbia 2806 E-/V+ A-2 both

257. Clarence Williams Jazz Kings Them Things Got Me / In Our Cottage Of Love Columbia 14434 E- B-Stampers

258. Douglas Williams Late Hours / Kind Daddy Victor 21695 E hairline under lbl into last ¼” on A-side and NA!

259. Fess Williams She’s Still Dizzy / All For Grits & Gravy Victor 23025 E-/E-V++

260. Bill Wirges Yes Sir, That’s My Baby / ni Perfect 14440 E- Hot Charlestony version Nichols, tbn