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(1) Ruby Green’s Manhattan Madcaps—Sweet Lorraine/I Can’t Give You Anything But Love—Electrobeam Gennett 6523 V (audible scratches on ICGYABL and its label) very rare.

(2) The Mississippi Mudder (Joe McCoy)—I Got To Have A Little More/Someday I’ll Be In The Clay—Decca (Sunburst) 7008 E- to E (tiny label damage B side) Scarce

(3) Sonny Boy Williamson—Worried Me Blues/Frigidaire Blues—Montgomery Ward M-7502 E to E+

(4) Wiley and Wiley (Arnold & Irene)— Jumpin’ Judy Blues/That Sweet Reedie Brown—Columbia 14630 E+ very rare, esp. in this cond.

(5) Bob Miller/Charlotte & Bob Miller—The Ohio Prison Fire/Poker Alice—Electrobeam Gennett 7201 E- to E (tough one)

(6) Paramount Jubilee Singers—When All The Saints Come Marching In/That Old Time Religion—Paramount 12073 E (few in this cond.)

(7) Carlyle Stevenson’s El Patio Orch—Mexicali Rose/I’m Tired of Everything but You—Sunset1121 V+

(8) Betty Grimes—I’d Rather Be Blue Over You/Who Wouldn’t Be Jealous Over You—Champion 15663 E- to E (who is this?)

(9) Lucile Bogan/Fannie Goosby—The Pawn Shop Blues/Grevious Blues—OKeh 8079 E- to E (nice)

(10) Jones & Collins Astoria Hot Eight—Astoria Strut/Duet Stomp—Bluebird (staff) 8168 E+

(11) Irene Beasley—What Would I Do Without You/Baby’s Back Today—Victor 40092 E to E+

(12) Alabama Jim & George—Crossin’ Beale Street/Memphis Rhythm—Supertone 9475 E- to E  (Buddy Burton & Marcus Norman sizzler, E. Gnt. Mx.)

(13) Edgewater Crows—Swinging Rhythm Around/No Bonus Blues—Romeo 7-01-62 E (hot skiffle from Hattiesburg, Miss.)

(14) Johnson Brothers (“vocal solo with guitars”)—Old Timer From Caroliner/Baby, Come Kiss Your Honey-Blues—Victor 21532 V (good country, obscure, plays V+)

(15) Clarence Black & His Savoy Trio—’Cause I Feel Low down/Bless You Sister—Paramount 12683 E+ (rare, beautiful condition for a Paramount)

(16) Mississippi Sheiks—Baby Please Make A Change/Somebody’s Got To Help Me—Bluebird (buff) 5659 V (plays V+)

(17) Ozark Mountain Sacred Singers—Where The Soul Never Dies/What Is He Worth To The Soul—Champion 15793 V+

(18) Walter Coleman (Gtr. Acc.)—I’m Going To Cincinnati/Greyhound Blues—Decca (Sunburst) 7168 V+ (Yes, it’s the Gennett/Vocalion Walter Cole)

(19) Alonzo Paytes & His Hot Five—Lindy/I’m Happy ’Cause My Lovin’ Mama’s Comin’ Home—Crenshaw Brothers (no label number, mx. 4947-2/4948-2 in wax) V+ (This is supposed to be an Orlando Marsh production of an early black orch. Extremely rare and not listed in Rust)

(20) Lucille Hegamin—Totem Pole/Shake Your Cans—OKeh 8941 V+ (slight label fade) rare

(21) Detroit Count—Hasting St. Opera Part 1/ Hasting St. Opera Part 11— JVB 75830 E (post-war rarity)

(22) Robinson’s Mississippi Jublee Singers—Swing Low Sweet Chariot/Look Away—Electrobeam Gennett 7181 E to E+ (note condition!)

(23) Barrel House Welch “Piano Acc. by Himself”—Larceny Woman Blues/Dying Pickpocket Blues—Paramount 12759 V+ (small pressing bump side 2) (probably less than 5)

(24) Walter Vincent/Charlie McCoy—Overtime Blues/Last Time Blues—Brunswick 7141E+ (slight label fade) (Here, Vincent’s guitar is stunning, resembles Willie Brown with bass string snapping, etc./ best McCoy ever with spectacular Delta slide guitar). Minimum Bid: $5000 (Doubt if you’ll see this one in E+ cond. again).

(25) Bert Fisk & His Orch./Owen Fallon’s Californians—Oh! Lady Be Good/Twilight—Sunset 1097 E- (Fisk side hot)

(26) Searcy Trio—Kansas Avenue Blues/East St. Louis Stomp—OKeh 8360 V (Truetone) (strong pressing)